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1840s Victorian 10k Gold French Intaglio Wax Seal Ring

$ 518.00

A truly unique piece! At first glance, it looks like an ordinary glass ring, but look closer and you'll see the true beauty of this piece.

Etched into the glass is a picture of a dog holding a key and the words "Fidele Et Secret" (Translation: Faithful and Secret) written backward. Glass is set in a 10k gold band. Originally, the wearer of this ring would use this intaglio to make an impression in wax when sealing letters and documents.

Popular in the late 18th to early 19th century, an intaglio is a recessed design carved into the surface of a piece of glass or gemstone.

The saying "Fidele Et Secret" was popularized by French political and economic theorist, Henri de Saint-Simon. However, we have been unable to find out anything about the meaning behind the dog and key, which leads us to believe that this may have been a ring for a secret society, which also were popular in the Victorian era.


Width: 3/4"

Height: 7/8"

Size: 8

Condition: Good for its age

Shows overall signs of wear. Has a chip in the glass front. Priced accordingly.

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