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1875 Victorian Brown Hair Bracelet

$ 148.00

What is today a forgotten art form was once the pinnacle of romanticism and remembrance in the Victorian era. Victorian hair jewelry is often associated with mourning, however, that was not always the case. While many pieces were created in memory of a lost loved one (given the increased infant mortality rates and the devastation of the Civil War), a number of these beautiful pieces were created as tokens of love for one's sweetheart.

Most hair pieces were handmade at home following patterns like the one below. The less crafty folks would send their hair collection off to a professional hair weaver and jeweler to have their creation made.

I believe this bracelet had a coil similar to the one pictured in the pattern below.


Length: 9.5" (end to end)

Condition: Good

There is slight damage near the gold cap at end, which may be from the missing wire. Priced accordingly.

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