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SOLD -- 1880s Victorian French Jet and 14k Gold Mourning Necklace

$ 298.00

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Now all but forgotten, the art of wearing mourning jewelry was once a common practice for hundreds of years. Popular in the time before photography, mourning jewelry was created to serve as a keepsake to remember a lost loved one. 

Many pieces would include a lock of the deceased's hair or, later, their photograph. 

During the 19th century, there was a strict mourning etiquette to guide the bereaved through the healing process. During the first two to three years of the "deep mourning" period, Victorian mourning jewelry was dark in color -- usually black. As one moved through the bereavement process, one's jewelry would change color to represent the different stages of grief.

This beautiful necklace is from the deep mourning period of the Victorian mourning process. It features a pendant made of shiny black French jet with an intricate 3-dimensional 14k gold floral design on the front that is set with three crystal rhinestones. The back of the pendant is open and missing the original glass, which would allow the wearer to keep a lock of hair or a photograph within the pendant. 

The chain is gold filled and has a jet pin and barrel clasp. 

Gold and rhinestones have been professionally tested. 



Height: 1.5"

Width: 1"

Total Chain Length: 19"

Markings: None

Condition: Very Good

Pendant is missing the glass panel on the back for keepsakes. This could probably be easily and cheaply replaced by a jeweler. The rhinestones have been tested and are not diamonds. They were probably diamonds originally when this piece was made and later removed and replaced. They are still very brilliant and look lovely. Priced accordingly. 

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