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SOLD -- 1920s Egyptian Revival Celluloid King Tut Necklace

$ 68.00

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When Howard Carter discovered the tomb of the boy king in 1922, Egyptmania swept the nation. From clothing to jewelry to advertising materials, Egyptian iconography became a prominent theme in every aspect of design. This regal necklace is a wonderful example of the 1920s Egyptian craze!

Fashioned in a light turquoise celluloid, this pendant features a raised relief of the pharaoh who started it all, King Tutankhamen. Pendant is attached to a bass metal chain.


Chain Length: 30"

Pendant Measures: 1.75" x 2.5"

Condition: Very Good

It looks like there are tiny chew marks on the bottom of the pendant. There is a slight overall discoloration to the pendant.

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