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1930s Schildkraut 2-Sided Mirror with Lipstick Holder

$ 48.00

This is a rare and unusual piece of cosmetic history! 

Invented and patented by Hovvard Neiman in 1921, the concept is that the lipstick holder acts as a mirror handle to allow ladies to apply their lip color with ease. No need to pull out a compact mirror and your tube of lipstick, with this handy invention the 2 are already connected! 

This lovely piece has 2 mirrors, a clear, standard mirror and then a second mirror with a blue tint (which was popular during the time). 

The lipstick tube is engraved with the following: "PAT1439749, Schildkraut Prod. Corp., Distributor, New York, NY"

There is still lipstick in the tube. It's brand color is "M." 


Total Length When Open: 4 5/8"

Mirror/Total Length When Closed: 2 5/8"

Label: Schildkraut Prod. Corp.

Condition: Very Good

The mirrors are both in wonderful shape. No scratches or fogging. The inside lipstick tube shows significant signs of wear. But it is not noticeable when closed. Priced accordingly. 

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