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Rare 1920s Art Deco Celluloid & Chain Screw Back Dangle Earrings

$ 78.00

Wonderfully chic and a little vampy, these early plastic beauties are certain to become your favorite go-to accessory! 

Fashioned in beautiful black and ivory celluloid with tiny bits of gunmetal chain, these earrings are almost as light as air. You won't even know you are wearing them! 

Each earring features a celluloid filigree Art Deco triangle with dangling plastic diamonds. They also each have a celluloid hoop with a faceted ball in the center. Top the earring has a matching faceted celluloid piece.

 Earrings have metal and celluloid screw backs, which are in perfect working condition. 


Total Length: 2.5"

Width: 1"

Markings: None

Condition: Very Good - Excellent

One of the chains and diamond pieces is missing. Others could be removed to match. Has overall patina from age. Priced accordingly. 

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