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Victorian 18k Gold Enamel and Pearl Mourning Ring

$ 1,000.00

Now all but forgotten, the art of wearing mourning jewelry was once a common practice for hundreds of years.

During the 19th century, there was a strict mourning etiquette to guide the bereaved through the healing process. During the first two to three years of the "deep mourning" period, Victorian mourning jewelry was dark in color -- usually black. As one moved through the bereavement process, one's jewelry would change color to represent the different stages of grief.

This ring is an exquisite example of the fine quality of Victorian mourning jewelry. It is set in 18k gold and coated in sky blue enamel, which indicates that it was worn during the final stage of the mourning process, when colors were allowed to be integrated back into the wardrobe. Ring has three pearls set in gold, which symbolize that the original owner of the set lost a child.  Gold has been professionally tested.


Size: 6.5

Condition: Excellent

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